DT Identity Card

is there any option for exlusive members to get an identity card of DT.

comments please

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Please write to support and provide all event date and details for us to issue credentials or some sort of card that will allow admissions at events. If you ask to be issued such a document, we may help. Admittance is not guaranteed but we helped other contributors with credentials or ID cards in the past.


What would you do with an ID? Having an ID/press card doesn't get you in the door of an event. You need to be "on the list." If it's a dynamic situation such as a crime scene, a press card is worthless.


Hey, thanks! I should do it if I need it!


Yes, I know it's been discussed here before but imagine the following: I want to go to a concert and just reached the security in front lines and I show them "The letter" .. do you know what will happen? Nothing! I don't know how is it in other countries, but security in BG are only (saying it politely) people who can't and don't want to have some career and only maybe 1% of them speak English. Oh, sorry, not "speak" - get few words. And reading it - naaah, forget about it :)
But if I show them a badge - they all know what it means (I guess they're watching movies) ..
So, some kind of badges or ID cards, should be fine.


Hey, that's a great idea, for me too, please :)


Not only for exclusive, please!
I was thinking of it long time ago. I was even going to make my own, when I needed it to make some shots in crowded places and say: "Excuse me! Excuse me! I have to go in the front line! I'm a reporter for DT!" :)

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