DT life starts at 50!

What a year! After picking up a camera for the first time just 18 months ago, then moving to the middle east to start a new career, I've just celebrating my one year anniversary on DT, hit 50 uploads and have become exclusive with DT.

© Driley

To be honest, I thought this would be easier than it was.....but i found that out from my first big batch of rejections this time last year! Time constraints and a busy life made it difficult to find time to upload, but I'm happy with the diverse portfolio I'm building - 52 images on 44 different subjects! However, if there's one thing I've learned, perhaps it's to be a little less critical with my upload selections and upload maybe three of four pictures from a 'shoot'.

© Driley
© Driley

But, after seeing my images begin to sell, 50 uploads is something I've had my sights on for a few months for a few reasons:

1. It's half way towards my next target of 100 uploads by Easter!

2. It means that I can now really challenge my technique and creativity by having a go at assignments

3. I can become exclusive and, ultimately make a little bit more revenue from sales (plus the added incentive of cash-per-upload!)

© Driley

As an amateur with little spare time, it makes sense to become exclusive - I don't have time to be managing several portfolios with different stock agencies. I know some of my images may, perhaps, sell better elsewhere, but I'm not really expecting to make a living out of stock. Finally, I like the DT community! I've learned so much over the past 12 months from all of you, whether it's on the messageboards or just from spying through your portfolios - some real inspiration!

I see a long road ahead with many successes on the way!

© Driley

Have a great 2011 everybody!

Photo credits: Dean Riley.

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Congratulation. You have survived 50 in microstock, and you haven't gone bonkers yet ... lol.. this is a good sign that you're definitely going to be a successful stock photographer, lol.
just kidding.
just dropped in to wish you all the best, and to say keep it up !


Congratulations!! Good work!




I just passed the 50 mark and thinking too apply for exclusivity...congrats!




Congratulations your milestone! Good luck with the next target! :)


Congratulations and welcome to the club :-)

Brett, UK.


Hi Dean,

I think over time you'll find yourself being MORE critical of your uploads. It's important to really cover a subject (I've often kicked myself for coming up with an idea for a shot days after the shoot was done) but in the end if you're very harsh with your own work it will push you to improve even more than rejections do.




Congratulations. You are building a very nice portfolio. I am glad you are experiencing success and have accomplished your first goal. I look forward to seeing your next 50 uploads!


Good for you! keep it up!


Congratulations.. Enjoy the exclusive benefits...


Congratulations!!! :)


Congratulations,well done :)


Congrats! Very nice photo.


Wow, nice photo. Congratulations!!!


congrats :)


Congratulations!! :)


exclusive is good for the person who have not many time to manage the stock photo.


Congratulations on reaching 50 uploads and becoming exclusive! I've been exclusive with DT ever since I was eligible. Good choice!

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