Is DT a long term business ?

is DT safe for a successfull career for an illustrator?

or any chance for crisis in micro stock sales ?

© Applee
© Applee

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September 07, 2009


I think working hard should pay!! Be patient and work and you can have success.

September 06, 2009


Without risk theres no reward.

September 06, 2009


Only if you fasten your seatbelt;)

enjoy the ride!

September 06, 2009


If you can also adapt to changes in the industry, then yes.

September 06, 2009


I wouldn't think royalties from stock site - DT or any other - would be able to replace a full-time job. Well, not for the most at any rate. There may be a small percentage of photographers, illustrators and artists who make enough sales, but they number in the few and very select.

September 06, 2009


You look pretty safe to me :)) Great job!

September 06, 2009


work hard. u will be safe in DT

September 06, 2009


Safe in what sense???

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