DT Makes My Photo Brighter

It’s been almost 5 years since I was addict to photograph,and as a beginner I went through a lot like the other shutterbugs. For an example at the beginning when using the medium or telephoto, I liked the feeling of dim background only felt it’s quite cool; another example was when initially got to the wide-angle, in particularly quite fascinating at the exaggerate deformation of architectures and interesting effect of deformation of characters; when began to use PS, felt that it’s quite magic that seems it can change many things and make out whatever effect.

Then, like many leading-edge photographer, I gradually chase for some consciousness-steam things like abstract, decadence, started to pursue some feeling even not known such as: making depressed tone, changing the color at will, making the picture old on purpose, making the color seems blur or seek the effect of out of focus… etc... Until I joined DT, my first batch of such photos were almost all rejected, only the same reason as “Poor lighting setup, poor contrast or incorrect exposure.” While, these are all the complacent effect that I ever thought of. So what to do next?

After many times rejection, I got to change my habit of disposal photos, got to keep the picture initial color and in the mean time, try to get pictures more bright. I found if can make photos the reversal film effect, the color contrast and brightness will be the best and that’s also my target for the future photo PS treatment.

Photo credits: Toneimage.

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Rejection is good in many ways, at least you have an option to correct them or at least there is someone to tell you what is wrong. Take them positively and move ahead.


You are right!Perhaps the picture here does not need individualized.


yes,I still like my own style outside of DT...


i think the same, it is like an automatic level adjustement.
but i believe it is done only for display purposes.

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