DT Numbers of images per user

I admit I'm a numbers person - have been since a very early age. Loved math, love statistics and love sport with statistics.

Looking at the Dreamstime numbers at the bottom of the page we have (at the time of typing):

29,284,827 images

9,744,832 users

Assuming users are all contributors that works out at an average of 3 images per contributor.

3 images!

Is that all? This seems crazy to me. Why join and not upload?

You're not going to make anything from 3 images - or less than one nine millionth of Dreamstime complete stock. Heck I have 267 times this amount here and even they equate to a drop in an ocean.

Of course if 'users' also means buyers, this might change the stats but by how much?

Double - 6 images per user?

Triple - 9 images per user?

Does anyone have any thoughts as to why the average is so low? Is it that hard to get images accepted?

Here is one of my latest seeing as I have to submit an image in a blog.


Photo credits: Martincp.
  • Martincp

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January 29, 2015


I hadn't seen that page - thanks for sharing. Thats does change the stats a lot!

Makes my post a little redundant.

Steve - there are lots and lots of new contributors with very small portfolios. I wonder how many give up within the first few months?

Then of course there is one with >200,000 images (from the page shared above)!


January 29, 2015

The following is purely guesswork on my part
I would have thought that an average portfolio would be around 1,000 images which would mean that there are 29,000 contributors.
Take that from 9,744,832 users leave's 9,715,832 buyers
If each buyer takes just 10 images each a year that is 97,158,320 images a year.
Divide by the number of contributors 29,000 leaves 335,028 sales for each of us per year.
So maybe things are about to get very busy for us all!


January 29, 2015

Hi Martin!
in fact, the average number of images per contributor/photographer is 134,66. Check out the page Startpage/Stats & Community, taken in account that the top contributors got tens of thousand images online the average will drop a bit... Here you can also see actual stats as how many users that are online etc.
Quite interresting...