DT popular searching keywords during the last year.

To get success in the micro stock business we have to take into consideration that different stock agency has different style, approaches & preferences. I did not find information what DT buyers are looking for & decided to collect dates from the DT POPULAR SEARCH during the last year (from January 2011 to January 20012). I tried to do this as frequently as possible. It was not the 24 hours monitoring. Unfortunately some of dates are missed & statistic can’t be reliable. That is why the keywords are organized in the alphabetic order.

Dear DTimers feell free to add or correct this list according your experience and point of view.

Abs, abstract, action, active, adult, adults, africa, african, against, age, aged, air, airplane, airport, america, american, among, anatomy, ancientand, angel, angry, animal, animals, antelope, antique, apple, arab, architecture, arm, arms, army, arrow, art, asia, asian, ass, attention, attractive, australia, auto, autumn.rn Babe, babies, baby, backgrounds, bad, bag, balance, ball, ballet, balloons, balls, bamboo, band, bank, banner, bar, baseball, basic, basket, basketball, bath, bathroom, bathsuit, beach, bear, beautiful, beauty, bee, beer, bells, belly, bible, bicycle, big, bike, bikini, bird, birds, birthday, black, blank, blood, blue, board, boat, body, boobs, book, books, boots, border, borders, bottle, bouquet, bow, bowl, box, boxing, boy, boys, bra, brain, brazil, breakfast, breast, breasts, brick, bride, bridge, broken, brown, brunette, brush, bubble, bubbles, building, buildings, bulb, bull, bus, business, businessman, businesswoman, butt, butterfly, buttons.rn Cable, cafe, cake, calendar, california, call, camera, can, canada, cancer, candle, candles, candy, car, card, cards, care, carnival, carpet, cars, cart, cartoon, cash, casino, castle, casual, cat, cats, celebration, cell, center, chain, chair, champagne, chart, check, cheese, chef, cherry, chess, chest, chewing, chicago, chicken, child, children, china, chinese, chocolate, christmas, church, cinema, circle, city, class, classic, classroom, claus, clean, cleaning, climbing, clip, clock, close, closeup, clothes, cloud, clouds, club, cocktail, coffee, cold, college, color, colorful, com, comic, communication, community, company, compass, computer, computers, con, concept, concepts, concert, conference, construction, contact, contro, cook, cooking, cool, corn, corporate, couch, country, couple, couples, cow, cowboy, crazy, cream, cross, crowd, crown, cruise, cup, curtain, curtains, customer, cut, cute. rn Daisy, dance, dancer, dancing, dark, data, daughter, day, decoration, decorative, deer, del, delivery, dell, dental, dentist, der, des, desert, design, desk, diagram, diamond, digital, dining, dinner, disco, display, diversity, doctor, doctors, document, dog, dogs, dollar, door, doors, dos, dove, down, dragon, drawing, dream, dress, drink, drinking, drive, driving, drop, drops, duck.rn Ear, earth, easter, eat, eating, education, egg, eggs, eland, elderly, electric, elegant, elements, elephant, email, empty, energy, engine, englad, english, enter, environment, equipment, erotic, estate, europe, executive, exercise, exotic, eye, eyes, fabric, face, faces, faction, factory, fairy, fall, families, family, fantasy, farm, farmbear, fashion, fast, fat, father, feather, feet, female, fence, field, figure, film, finance, financial, finger, fingers, fire, fireplace, fireworks, first, fish, fishing, fist, fitness, flag, flags, flame, floor, floral, florida, flower, flowers, fly, flying, food,foot, football, for, forest, fountain, frame, frames, free, freedom, french, friends, from, front, fruit, fruits, full, fun, funny, future.rn Game, games, garden, gas, gate, gay, generic, gesture, gift, girl, girls, give, giving, glamour, glass, glasses, global, globe, gloves, god, gold, golden, golf, good, graduation, grand, grapes, graphic, graphics, grass, greek, green, group, growth, grunge, guitar, gum, gutter, gym.rn Hair, halloween, hand, hands, handshake, happy, hard, hat, hawaii, head, health, healthy, hear, heart, hearts, heels, help, helping, high, highway, hip, hispanic, holding, holiday, home, homes, hop, horse, horses, hospital, hot, hotel, house, houses, human. Ice, icon, icons, illustration, illustrations, image, images, indian, industrial, industry, information, ink, inside, insurance, interior, internet, iron, island, isolated, italian, italy Japan, japanese, jeans, jesus, jet, jewelry, job, joy, juice, jump, jumping.rn Key, keyboard, keys, keyword, kids, king, kiss, kissing, kitchen, kitchen. Lab, ladies, lady, lake, lamp ,land, landscape, laptop, large, latin, laughing, law, lawn, leaf, learning, leather, leaves, leg, legs, legumes, lemon, lesbian, lesbians, letter, library, life, lifestyle, light, lighthouse, lily, lines, lingerie, lion, lips, little, living, logo, london, long, look, looking, love lunch, luxury, Machine, macro, magic, mail, make, makeup, making, male, man, management, map, maracas, marble, market, market, marketing, market, mask, massage, mature, meat, medical medicine, meeting, men, met, metal, mexican, mexico, microphone, middle, military, milk, mirror, mobile, model, models, modern, mom, money, monitor, monkey, moon, mother, mother, motorcycle, mountain, mountains, mouse, mouse, models, mouth, movie, moving, muscle, music.rn Nails, naked, natural, nature, network, new, news, newspaper, night, nipple, note, notebook, notes, nude, nudes , nurse. Ocean, off, offer, office, oil, okay ,old, older, olive, on,, one, open, orange, orchid, out, outdoor, outline ,outside, over, own. Pain, painting, palm, panorama, panties, paper, parents, paris, park, party, pasta, path, path, patient, pattern, pattern, peace, pen, pencil, penis, people, person, pet, phone, photo, photos, piano , picnic, picture, pictures, pie, pig, pine, pink, pinup, pizza, pizza, plan, plane, plant, plants, plastic, plate, play, player, playing ,pointing, poker, police, pool, porn, portrait, posing, post, pot, power, pregnancy, pregnant, present, presentation, preteen, pretty, print, printing, professional, profile, profile, protest, puppy, purple, pussy, puzzle, puzzle. Question, queue. Race, racing, radio, rain, rainbow, raster, ration ,reading, real ,red ,red, relax, relaxing, relief ,repair, restaurant, retro, ribbon, rice, rings, ripe, river, road ,rock, roll, romance, romantic, roof ,roof, room, rope, rose, roses, ruins, run, running, rural queue Sad, safety, sailing, salad, sale, sales, salon, san, sand, sandwich, santa, scene, school, science, screen, scroll, sea, search, security, senior, seniors, sensual, server ,service ,set set sex, sexual, sexy, shadow, shake, shell, shell, ship, shirt, shirtless, shoe, shoes, shop, shopping, show, shower, side, sign, signs, silhouette ,simple, single, sitting, ski, skin, skirt, sky, sky, skyline, sleep, sleeping, small, smile, smiling, smoke, snow, soccer, sofa, software, solar, son, sound, soup, soup, south, spa, space, spain, speed, splash, sportsports, spring, spring, square, square, stage, stairs, standing, star, stars, station, statue, steak, steel, stock, stockings, stone, stones, stop, store, storm, strawberry, street, stress, string, strip, student, students, studio, studiobulb, study, style ,stylized ,success, sugar, suit, summer, summer, sun, sunflower, sunglasses, sunrise, sunset, support, surf, sweet, swim, swimming, symbol, symbols, system. Table, talking, tape, tattoo, tea, teacher, team, teamwork, tech, technology, teen, teenage, teenager, teens, teeth, telephone, television, tennis, test, texture, thanksgiving, the, theater, therapy ,thinking, thong, three ,thumb ,thumbs ,tie, tiger, tile, time, tissue, tits, together, tomato, tools, top, topless, tower, town, toy, toys, track, traffic ,train, training ,travel, tree, trees ,tribal, tropical, truck ,turkey ,two. Umbrella, under, underwater, university, urban. Vacation , vagina ,valentine ,van ,vector, vegas, vegas, vegetable, vestibule, victorian, video, view, vintage ,vote. Walk, walking, wall, wallpaper, war, wash, washing, watch, water, water ,waterfall, waves, way, wed, wedding, weight, welcome, wet, wet, wheat, wheel, white, wild, wind ,window ,wine ,wings ,winter ,with, with, woman, wood ,wooden, word, work, worker, workers, working, working, world, writing, writing.rn Xmas. Yacht, year, years, yellow, yoga, york, you, young, youth. Zen

I hope it will be helpful & wish you all success.

Photo credits: Banol2007, Haywiremedia.

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Dear Yadamons, thanks for comment! I wish you all success and a lot of sales!


Great help, Thanks.


Dear Mcharles, you are welcome!


Thanks very much....this will be a huge help to a newcomer !!


Dear Dgmate, you are welcome!


Thank you Banol for the info


Dear Jdanne, thanks for comment! I am happy to help!


Thanks a lot for sharing!


Dear Egomezta thanks for comment! I am looking forward for your 2000 sales!


Great info, very interesting.


Surprised "diet" didn't make it to the list. This is a good start to make it super useful I'd love to see it 1. filtered for just actual buyers 2. cross referenced by category. Wouldn't a list of most popular keywords by category be the most valuable? Maybe a spreadsheet on Google Docs that we could access.


Dear Wisconsinart thanks for comment & your blogs! Concept (concepts) was in the search as well.


Filtering out the non-registered searchers would cut down on the "boobs" type words that made this list. (I hope!)


BOOBS made the list? I'll have to think more about that concept. Then again, I am always thinking about that concept...


Dear Karenfoleyphotography, thanks for comment! I hope the blog can give at least some orientation.


Very interesting and informative. Thanks for putting so much effort into this! K-


Dear Artistashmita, you are welcome.


Dear Peanutroaster, you are right. But for popularity or frequency monitoring should be 24h. If you have the image from this list you are in the DT searching pool 2011.


great help, thanks a tonne


Thanks - in order of popularity or frequency would be more useful than alpha.


I am happy to be helpful!


Thanks for FREE help :)

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