DT revenue helped to upgrade some accessories

Well recently I sold some images and the money I received from DT helped me to buy three gears.

I bought a SB 600 Flash, don't know if it was the right choice of external flash compared to SB 800 but the price range in Dubai market was half the price of SB 800.

I also purchased two UV filter Sigma 62mm & Sigma 67mm

I also purchased cleaning kit for lens and camera

Friends were all these shopping worth or did I waste my money or could have purchased anything else, other than these gears. Will wait for your comments.

Now I have some problem I don't know what went wrong, i used these above gear while i was out just to experiment with these new gear, I took around 300 images in Dubai Fountain, one of the biggest fountain in the world. (Also I was the one of the winner of this fountain naming competition held by the fountain developer.)

Well out of the 300 images 25 percent of the images were very small, All my images are set to capture at 4288 by 2848 but 25 percent of images were 160 by 180, can anyone guide me where did i go wrong, lucky it was a trial shoot, Anyone can guide me here please.

Photo Filters


External flash

Camera Flash

Jeep Crusing in Desert

Luxury Yacht with Clipping Path

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August 28, 2009

Congratulations on your purchase dell'SB600, when I shall reach even a little 'for sale, buy, un'accessorio is essential for your problem, do not know what could be a greeting!


August 06, 2009

oh lucky you to earn enough to get some new equipment. that is certainly an incentive to keep shooting for DT.


August 06, 2009

It is really great to buy a new equipment, isn't it? I wish you a lot of fun with the new accessories!
I have no idea how to solve the problem with the size of the images. I would play with the camera settings.


August 03, 2009

Thanks Alexhor,
Yeah dreams time really allows us to improve the gear. Small image is gone now, i dont know what went wrong but it seems to be corrected by itself. Could be i pressed something in the new gear


August 03, 2009

Well, it is Dreamstime :) I dream about upgrading my gear from money earned here. I have lots of patience. I am happy to hear that anyone is able to do that. Congratulations!!!
Small image sizes??? I don't have any idea. I think is not because of your new gear but something about camera. On my Oly I have function button which can do several programmed tasks, and also I have an option to make few custom camera presets. Maybe you can check if this is your case, and then when you press something your image size settings changed. Just an idea.


August 02, 2009

thanks Brad & warren.


August 01, 2009

Nice to know you can buy these items with money made here, congrats. I have the SB800, but looking back at the money spent, I could probably have got away with the SB600. The only time the flash could possibly make the difference is if you use all its creative features, then the 800 would probably be a better buy. Also not sure about the image sizes?


July 30, 2009

Getting the flash bouncing or off your camera is one of the best things you can do to improve your photography, at least if you must use flash. I think you'll love the SB600... No idea on the 160x180 images ???