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One of my colleagues posted an emoticon image on the Dreamstime Facebook wall a couple of days ago. When I saw it, I started thinking about emoticons and what is so special about them. We all know that as most conversations have migrated on online platforms, we need to find means of compensating for the non-verbal language. Much of a conversation relies on what is not being said rather than what is actually said. One emoticon can sometimes tell you everything you need to know or change completely the meaning of a statement. One emoticon can tell people lots of things about yourself so I decided people in the Dreamstime office should each have an emoticon to describe something they're famous or infamous for.

Disclaimer: This is a more or less subjective presentation of the Dreamstime staff, based on personal perception and interpretation of the staff's way of being, acting and speaking. Some of the esteemed Dreamstime colleagues will agree that while we are very complex human beings, the emoticons selected truly reflect at least one major feature of our personalities.

Costa007 Constantin is a sort of photo-addict funny guy who does not leave the house without his camera and tells us how great shots pop up out of nowhere so he must be ready at any time. If he does not have his camera, he uses his phone to catch any happy, sad, peculiar or awkward moment inside and outside the office. Stay away if you're having a bad hair day!

Sangiorzboy Andrei likes vintage clothing a lot, for a guy I mean, and he is pretty dedicated to whatever he does, even when hopeless. He likes to joke around so there's a grin on his face most of the times. Andrei also has a strange habit of telling stories in their most minute detail so you either feel you were there when everything happened or get so confused and tangled that you forget where it all started. He has an impressive collection of bows but thank God stories have endings and he does not bring the bows to work.

Nikitu Ioana has found a new fun activity - Kempo or martial arts. Which is good, because it relieves the tension and it also gives her the opportunity to let off some steam. She often tells us about her practices to make sure we are well aware of which kick-ass moves she may use in case we upset her. Smile or die!

Catarii Catalina cooks a lot and what's wonderful is that she sometimes brings goodies for us to sample. We love Catalina because too much chocolate is never too much! What a way to go, Chocolate OD. She also takes pictures of what she cooks. Danger: makes you fat and hungry!

Dudau Viorel is a very nice person. He is also a "real estate tycoon" because he has more than one apartment so we like to think of him as rich. He's also forever on a diet but always forgetting about that at lunch. God knows what he's doing at home, when unsupervised. No satisfactory diet result so far. We wonder why.

Sid Skeptical, raised eyebrow, don't wanna catch him on a bad day. You either have something interesting to say or he won't be listening. Chances are he won't listen at all. He sometimes makes indecent proposals like Mexican or Lebanese food for lunch.

Tangie When there's something yummy around, she's there. Always in the kitchen at lunch time, Carmen shamelessly asks colleagues to taste their food and nothing fancy to eat escapes her scrutiny. Her colleagues are happy to know they have someone to rely on if entering an eating contest any time in the future. Keep food away!

© Crowvb
B0mark You can tell by his profile picture. He likes rock music and video games. He is a mighty warrior who prides on numerous sleepless nights to save the world...virtually. Vali is a man of very few words but he's excused, he must be exhausted after fighting so many fierce battles.

AndreeaDobrescu Andreea, meow, speaks very softly and she sometimes sounds like a spoiled kitten. This is why we often meow when talking to her. Yeah, we're nasty! She is also very delicate and quiet. There's saying in our country - free translation: A good kitty has sharp claws. Andreea has not lived up to fulfill this saying...yet. Tip: can be hypnotized with kitten images. Lots of kitten images.

Zontor George is really young and still new, so he is shy and always trying to please everyone. He also talks a lot about soccer and goals out loud in the office, where sadly for him, nobody gives a damn about soccer. If you wanna place a bet, ask George but don't expect to win.

Meduzzu Marius has survived a pirate battle and is now mostly preoccupied by healthy lifestyle. He's always encouraging outdoors activities, mostly cycling. He talks too much about children, mostly his. Not that we don't like children.

Michellu If you annoy Mihaela, she is that sort of person to stick her tongue out when you're not watching. She also makes strange sounds when eating spicy food. Mihaela owns some land and likes growing veggies when not at work. Her nails are still very clean though.

Herrkode Gabriel likes extremely spicy food but unfortunately this makes him cry a lot. Once, he almost choked to death after bravely trying some of Catalina's killer chillies. He yells when talking on the phone so we all know what goes on in his life outside the office. Gabi sometimes has some brilliant ideas, hence no milk for the coffees.

Achilles Serban is a great visionary. Too great sometimes. He likes speed driving and 'fast' is his motto. He has a nuclear phone really, it never runs out of battery and it can send up to 100 emails/minute to everyone in and outside the office. It's a miracle! One day, when Serban was visiting the United States, he ran into Chuck Norris. Chuck said: "There can be only one" and Serban replied "I have a better idea. There can be two, for the price of one. Yey!"

Tano When Dragos is offline, he is in Thailand. He is a pretty determined guy, he quits smoking every day. He likes the beach but he is stuck in cloudy London most of the year. He complains he has not had a holiday for such a long time but he forgets he can take one whenever he wants, he is the boss.

Don't we all look friendly and cute? Thank you emoticons! That's all folks.

Photo credits: A-papantoniou, Linda Bucklin, Sofia Santos, Dennis Crow, Elvlivia, Stanalin, Yael Weiss.

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February 07, 2013


I love the emoticon with $ signs on its eyes most :D

January 28, 2013


Nice and funny!I enjoyed reading it!

October 05, 2012


From now on, I will use this guide when I reply a DT Admin :))

September 15, 2012


Oh very interesting expression!

August 09, 2012


Very funny post! Thanks for give such a personal and humourous introduction of DT team. Cheers

August 07, 2012


Nice... very funny :))

August 06, 2012


Very creative !

August 06, 2012


Great descriptions! I feel like I know you all much better now :))

August 01, 2012


Great idea and beautiful and very funny these icons!

July 31, 2012


lol, the DTemoticons are not what we are looking for?! :)) And have distorted pixels! :))

July 30, 2012


Yes, you do "look friendly and cute" until it comes to "similars", "distorted pixels", "rule of thirds" and "that's not what we are looking for"... ;-)))

Fun reading and surprise on all the comments by other DT officers... didn't you compile all the emoticons with secrets together?.. Descriptions of Nikitu are quite precise anyway! Also liked Serban's "two for the price of one", although nowadays it's most often three... :)

July 30, 2012


Funny! What a fun group of people with diverse interests. Sounds like you guys work hard but enjoy it.

July 30, 2012


Too funny to read..lol. Especially the one about Serban...:)

July 29, 2012


Nice and funny. I guess most of the information is true! A good team anyway.

July 28, 2012


LOL funny!!

July 28, 2012


Nice work; it is keeping me amused in Warsaw while I wait for a plane.

July 27, 2012


That was fun! Nice job Tangie for posting all your co-workers secrets!

July 27, 2012


Hi Carmen,

This blog is absolutely delightful and fun. It's nice to know a little more about the DT staff. Cheers and have a great weekend. LEE

July 27, 2012


Nice to know a little about all of you..Love you all Peace Debbie

July 26, 2012


I want to come work there.,,,you know, except I live here :)

July 26, 2012


Very nice and funny blog!!! but remember, only people in the Dreamstime office are humans, remote editors not ;-)

wow, nice robot!

July 26, 2012


That`s funny!
I enjoyed reading it!

July 26, 2012


LOL, well this was a very enjoyable read!!! :D

July 26, 2012


Nikitu is neither confirming or denying ;)

"Nikitu is a cylon. Only a blood test can tell us the truth. Did you see how she resolve all the problems? In no time! BEFORE we report!" - posted by Alvera
"Nikitu is a robot. :-)" - posted by Wisconsinart

July 26, 2012


Very nice and funny blog!!! but remember, only people in the Dreamstime office are humans, remote editors not ;-)

Are you suggesting we're roboticons? :P

July 26, 2012


Very nice and funny blog!!! but remember, only people in the Dreamstime office are humans, remote editors not ;-)

July 26, 2012


A short statistic: They are half humans and love to eat. Their homepages are set on Industries/ Food and Beverages :))

July 26, 2012


A curious thing when you work for/with/interact in the internet and never get to really know them is to you they seem to be digital people defined by ones and zeros. And when you get to know some more about them, you sort of feel like they are really REAL people. weird concept. Great Post! =)

July 25, 2012


hahahha that was funny :)

July 25, 2012


Nikitu is a cylon. Only a blood test can tell us the truth. Did you see how she resolve all the problems? In no time! BEFORE we report!

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