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Yeah, that sounds a little wrong, but here's the deal/lesson. My husband, teenage daughter and I recently traveled to the Cook Islands in the South Pacific.

Between us we had a total of five cameras. Three were Nikon D300's, two were smaller Olympus shockproof/waterproof point-and-shoots. We also took a laptop, thumb drives and external hard drive.

Every day, at some point, I would remove a memory card from a camera. I would dump it on the laptop, backing it up to an external hard drive and then backing it up to a thumb drive, then back up the computer again. Repetitive, I know but it was my system. I would do one, maybe two cards at a seating, and by the end of the day all five cameras would have been dumped.

In a 14 day trip, we ended up taking 4,157 photos between the three of us.

And we only came home with three working cameras.

On day six, Easter Sunday, we lost one of the Olympus's. Wrapped it in a towel at the beach, flipped open the towel, didn't see it fall out, walked away. By the time we realized it wasn't in the snorkel bag, car, camera bag, anywhere, and we went back to the beach we were at only to find high tide had hit, we realized it was G-O-N-E.

LUCKILY, I had done all that backing up and dumping and backing up again. The only thing we lost on that little camera was the Easter Service photos and videos and some underwater shots from a very cloudy swim (which is why the camera was wrapped in a towel and not used). I had everything prior to that day on a computer. Had I not spent some quality vacation time on a laptop, we would have lost six days of memories.

I'da been crabbier than this dude! It also helped that during that Easter Service we had two other cameras going.

The other Olympus that bit the dust was due to a constant salt water bath in the kayak. That one, I yanked out the memory card as soon as it stopped firing, dumped it and haven't been able to get the camera working again.

Photo credits: Jcimagery.

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May 10, 2013


Traveling light is the way to go, but I was SOOO thankful I lugged that thing with us. Spending vacation on a laptop wasn't my idea of a good time, but, man, I was thankful I did!

May 08, 2013


Very good system that you have. My problem is that I try to travel light so I don't take a laptop or an external hard drive. I traveled through Europe for 3 weeks with 2 sd cards. I think I ended up with over 4000 photos as well. I got lucky (this time) as neither of the cards failed, but could have lost a lot of beautiful photos.

May 07, 2013


Seems like a great backup system !

May 06, 2013


Sorry to hear about your cameras. That's such a big thing to lose. : (
The pictures you got though are amazing.

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