This entry is for all the photographers out there who have had to deal with my biggest photo phobia: DUST. Sometimes, dust doesn't raise its ugly head. When I've got an intricate subject and vivid colors, it can find lots of places to hide.

On the other hand, half my photos have a big chunk of blue sky. Each and every time I scrutinize one of these shots, I find those annoying blurs and blobs.

So, my question is:

What do you do about dust? I've read a million how-tos on the web, advocating everything from blowers to swabs to vacuums. I am pretty darned nervous about sticking anything in the bowels of my cameras, but enough is enough.

The most promising solution seems to be something called the 'Arctic Butterfly,' from Visible Dust, but it's so darned pricey.

Any recommendations, pro or con?

Photo credits: Charles Sichel-outcalt, Riverlim, David Badenhorst.

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January 31, 2008


I have an Olympus with the Anti Dust shaking system which is great for the sensor etc but you can still guarantee that I will have an annoying dust particle on the outside of my lens that I don't notice until uploading the images!! May have a look into light pens.

January 30, 2008


Thanks for the tip. That looks like a good solution, and it's not too expensive. The spinning Arctic Butterfly brush is about 4 times that. I have two bodies now, and so I am needing to change lenses less than before, which feels great--now I just need to get rid of the dust that's already accumulated.

January 30, 2008


Lens pens are great, as long as you get a good quality one. I have one designed for rifle optics that is fabulous at removing smudges! As far as the sensor goes, I use Sensor Swab. If you are really nervous about using anything on your sensor, you should be able to send your camera off to the manufacturer for a sensor cleaning. But call in advance to ask how much it costs (plus don't forget shipping!).

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