Dutch laws and trying to start a company

Earlier I wrote a small blogmessage about me going to myself a, so called, chamber of commerce number so I can start doing business with DNF-Style.


I didn't.


As some know I have just been laid of buy the company I worked for, but since I worked there for 8 years they are paying me till February 5th and after that I will have rights to unemployment money (2 months 70% and 12 months 70%of that same 70% of my last earned wages.

Well guess what, If i get a chamber of commerce number before I am enlisted for unemployment money, I won't get anything. I have to make sure I get that money first and then tell them I am starting my own business so they will support me. Else they will say, you do not need money you have your won business.

So...I can't do any official work for any costumer yet because I need that number first. But If I get that number so I can start working on my business........

Got it?

It's a fu&#ed up world. They say The Netherlands is full of rules and it is true. Again I am wondering why I am the one that is unemployed.

Photo credits: Alexander Potapov.

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December 12, 2007


Hi Frenk, I feel your pain. But I think this is common practice in the world. Look at the bright side. You will have won 14 months of building a strong clientele that will provide you with lots of referrals when you start officially your studio. Good luck and look ahead.

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