Earning from Garbage in India

Its truly said one person's garbage is other person's treasure .

In every aspect socially,economically and politically India is diversified.

A poor person taking nap on bench

On one hand people have bunglow to sleep on the other hand other's have public park to sleep.

Childhood lost in Poverty

luxury cars are cruising Indian highways , to contrary some do not even have footwear .

Family Working as Rag pickers

Poverty stuck families are still engaged in rag picking , begging other meager jobs. Despite privatization of health , education and social sector children are still being consumed by poverty .

Earning From Garbage

Photo credits: Pranshth.

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January 08, 2015


very interesting

January 06, 2015


Truly said ! INCREDIBLE INDIA , Thank you for appreciation sir!

January 05, 2015


Incredible photos from a truly incredible country!

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