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April 22nd is Earth Day. I didn't realize that so I didn't get any ideas for photos to use. But not being the best at Photoshop manipulation maybe that's just as well! I thought I'd use the opportunity to explain this collage:

© Noonie

I heard about something called the Bread Art Project so I created some "bread art" for them and decided that it would be nice to get one on here, also. Luckily it was accepted and is meant to be a symbol of ending hunger in the world.

If you're interested, visit the site and help them out, it could be a fun project for a child to do.

Photo credits: Madartists, Susan Leggett.

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Thanks, Richard. I keep trying with Photoshop and it's a slow go since I'm easily distracted with many things!!


Well, I throughly enjoy my little corner of the earth! And I've planted many trees! Some even lived :D Nice card!!


And there's a Happy Arbor Day e-card with Dreamstime image:
 Kiss Under The Tree 
And all of this reminded me Ellen's blog about Earth Day 2009
Happy Earth Day!


Great! And there's Arbor Day on April 24th.


Thanks for supporting EARTH DAY!

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