Earthquake in Italy - L'Aquila - Abruzzo

Dear all,

Hi to everyone I want to let you know that I am also affected by the earthquake but I am not injured and my home still exists.

Never the less it will take some time till I have rearranged everything and be back at work on a regular basis as we don't have electricity all time.

I strongly hope that the earth becomes quiet soon around here and me and my family can move back in to our homes.

So far, ciao


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Hi, thank's to every one the earth becomes quiet and I hope that life return normal.
So far, ciao


Glad to hear you are OK! Keep safe.


Glad you are okay!


A strong embrace!
I am happy that your family and you are well!


Oh wow, glad you're safe and hope that life can return to normal for you soon!


It is very tragic that lives are lost and homes are destroyed. Glad to hear that you and yours are safe and I send my wishes for a speedy recovery back to the norm.


I am glad you are safe. I grew up in California and we had some big earthquakes, so I know what you mean about the continuing tremors. Our thoughts are with you.


Happy to hear you and your family are ok. I'm with you and near you with thoughts and prayers. Big hugs, Silvia


Very tragic story, glad your and your loved ones were not affected and our thoughts and prayers are with those that were...


Hi Sandra, I am pleased to hear that you and your family are not injured. I send you my strong hug and a prayer for the people who had a lost.
I wish your best, I wish you have courage, I wish you go throughout this lonesome day.

Un abbraccio, Fulvio.


Dear Sandra, First thank all might you are safe, next lets all pray for the people who lost their dear and near one. My best wishes and prayers are with you, hope to hear good news from you at the earliest. Ciao, take care.


Hi Sandra! I am glad to read that you and your family are well. What a tragedy that has struck your country... I sincerely hope that the government keeps its promises and manages to give a Future to all the family so severely affected by this disaster. With affection and hope. See you soon, Roberto.

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