Easily upload your photos to multiple microstock sites

Before I start my post, here are some sweet cupcakes for everyone:

Do you sell photos on many microstock agencies? If yes, GO to download GO Stock

Developed by MyMicrostock & GO Software, it will help to automate repetitive tasks and save time. In this case, we no longer need to login to multiple microstock sites to upload photos and the time saved can be used to shoot and edit more photos.

Basically GO Stock helps you to upload your photos to multiple microstock photography sites via one interface by using their FTP service. Once you browse or drag photos onto the interface and click GO! , GO Stock will upload the photos simultaneously to the selected sites. Keep in mind that every stock photography site has their own setting for FTP. Always refer to the site's help page for the FTP setup.

GO GO GO and download GO Stock free today from

If you like it, you can donate from the website

GO Stock is very easy to use but if you need help, here is an official tutorial on using GO Stock.

Thanks for reading,

Hui Sheng

Photo credits: Law Hui Sheng.

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June 07, 2015


thanks for the cakes and the software, i wish i could donate

September 04, 2013


Thanks for you sharing.

August 30, 2013


Great thanks for sharing....

August 29, 2013


I belong to 12 agencies. What I do is create a description and a set of keywords that subscribes to criteria for the one agency which is also good for all the others. This minimizes my time tweeking for each agency.

August 29, 2013


Hey, Hui Sheng! Go to the mall :) Thank you for cakes!:) Go planet!!:)Thanks for sharing!

August 29, 2013


On the contrary, in fact: if I spend lot of time and power for multi-keywording for different sites, it is not a problem to upload images to 5-10 different stocks. From time to time... :)))

August 29, 2013


I believe maintaining of your photo upload is good. From time to time you can edit your keywords to make your photo more prominent to searches.

August 28, 2013


Thanks a lot for sharing your knowlege and for cakes :)

But I have to say that the main problem with multiple uploading (which REALLY takes time) can not be solved by any software. I mean rules for key-wording, descriptions and titles are specific for each agency, so one needs to keyword each photo several times, in fact. Besides, the final part of uploading (categorizing) takes a lot time, as well and this is also unavoidable.

In contrast to keywording and categorizing, FTP uploading itself does not require some remarkable time. I mean that PERSONAL time which one spends to upload files via FTP to one agency is VERY SHORT and almost equal to PERSONAL which one spends to upload files via FTP to 10 agencies. And this time never was a problem.

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