Easter is coming!

A very bright Orthodox holiday is coming!

During Easter, Jesus Christ died and returned to live. Easter is a symbol of divine justice over the world. What does this holiday include? A common attribute is an Easter cake. This cake should be cooked with the finest yeast flour. Another attribute is eggs. Here eggs are the symbol of fertility and fecundity. As this holiday is in spring, eggs used to be painted in red as a symbol of the sun and victory of life over death.

This year, Easter is in April, 19.

For us, contributors, this is one of those holidays we can upload respective images.

Good luck to everyone!

Photo credits: Awizard.

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Thanks, guys! This pictures was taken not in studio (I wish it were), but at home, when everybody went somewhere and I had some free minutes. I used two spots of light, a background, and a tripod.


Good idea, we should prepare !
Very nice picture, I am total noob when it comes to studio photos.
Have you used a light tent? What kind of lightning?
Good luck, Tom


I was just thinking that the other day - that Easter is coming up soon! I like your picture of the cake!!!!

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