Easter is almost here!

Easter is one of the greatest holidays on the Christian calender. This year it falls on April 12th, just 2 weeks away. It celebrates the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. It is also a sign of rebirth of nature and spiritual re-awakenings. To children, much of their first information of this wonderful holiday involves stories of Bunnies who bring treats and surprises in a wonderfully colored basket. But for those who really understand the meaning of Easter, It is the celebration of life over Death that was shown to us by Jesus, through his suffering, death and resurrection. I wish you all a Happy Easter. And to all my Jewish friends, I wish you peace and blessings at Passover, which is also a celebration of life over death. And to every one, I pray that you are "at peace with God, whatever you conceive him to be." (The Desiderata)

Photo credits: Irisangel, Matthew Bowden, Vovik27.

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Happy Easter!
Your works are always very creative!


Thank you so much!


what a lovely article. and about one of the nicest personality who ever walked the soil of Mother Earth. i am not a religious person, only spiritual, but Christ 's teachings changed many lives.
Yes, i think Easter is to followers of Jesus a more important event because as you said, it 's about rebirth, resurrection, the celebration of being renewed. like a mythical phoenix rising from the flame, Easter teaches all, believers or non-believers of this man , that we can rise from the ashes. Especially at this time after the markets crashed due to utter greed. Hopefully, one of their Christ's teachings will prevail and come to fruition , "THE MEEK SHALL INHERIT THE EARTH".
to all who celebrate their Saviour, Happy Easter. to all who follow the Easter Bunny, may you find lots of hidden treasures.
Once again, gorgeous article Irisangel. you live up to your monicker "angel".


Happy Easter to you as well. I always enjoy your articles.




Very good.Happy Easter to all


Hi Larry, sent you a message with info.


Irisangel, How do you add a photo here? My third try now. -Larry


Thanks Larry! I see you are off to a good start. I love the boardwalk to the beach image. Lots of luck!


[imgl]8287336[/imgl] Your work is always first class. I wish I could master PS art as well as you have. Regards -Larry


Happy Easter! He is risen!


As always, beautiful images and thanks for the kind wishes, may you have a blessed celebration.

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