Easter is here!

Easter is not just the most important Christian holiday. It is also the start of spring. And time, when at least in Czech Republic girls are painting eggs.

First you take the common eggs:

Then you paint them. There is many ways how to do that. The traditional way is by using colors and wax. And the result is incredible. Make this is not so difficult:

But to make complicated decoration is not easy:

And then you can hide them in the garden.

Or hang on the tree.

What is your way to celebrate Easter?

Petr Zamecnik
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  • Thorken
  • Prague, Czech Republic

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This year was the biggest Easter egg roll in White House history. Believe me, a media expert with ***.com. Best planned, best children, best bunny, best games, most expensive. Believe me. The White House planners have even engaged Jesus for the event. It will be huge. Believe me. The president is going to read "Twas the Night Before Christmas" to the children without a teleprompter.


Thank you for sharing!


Thank you for sharing!


happy easter to you :)