Easter is over

Easter is over and I wish all of you contributers many, many sales!!!

And for the buyers of you: I wish everybody that he/she finds what is needed and that it fits perfectly into your artwork :)

Photo credits: Cristalloid.

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April 06, 2010


Wish you the same... Nice comment Tan510jomast!

April 06, 2010


Thank you, I wish the same to you ;)

April 06, 2010


thank you - same to you :)

April 05, 2010


Good... Same to you....

April 05, 2010


And to you too. I enjoy special days such as Easter, Christmas, Ramadan, Passover,etc.. as they not only remind us of our basic values, it unites us.
Same thing for Valentine's Day, Universal Day for Women, Mother's Day, First day of Spring, Remembrance Day,etc.. as they remind us of our commonality. I feel that we should have an excuse for a special day every single of the 365 days, this will unite us with our brothers and sisters worldwide.

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