Almost eaten by a lioness

I decided to start my new DT blog with story from my travels in Africa (Tanzania o be precise)

I've been in Tanzania for 3 weeks with one of my best buddies - Liad (he claims to be the only one).

Anyway, we started our trip with 6 days in the safari. On the second day we got to the famous Serengeti reservation.

In the camp (we slept in tents), there were 2 cages. One was the kitchen and one was the dinning room - here humans are in the cage.

© Gumpa
During the day we've traveled with ORV around the huge Serengeti, seeking for animals - especially the cats (Lions, Cheetahs and Leopards).

© Gumpa
During the night we ate dinner in the cage and waited to see one of the cooks being eaten by a lioness which came to drink some water (real story, I'm not joking).

I was walking around in the camp, which I forgot to mention was without any fence, with a camera - waiting for that moment.

In the morning we counted the number of cooks in the camp, and I'm still sure there were less than in the night before...

© Gumpa
© Gumpa

© Gumpa
© Gumpa

Photo credits: Sefi Greiver.

Your article must be written in English



I can tell you, a lion has an instinctive fear of humans, but during the night that can change!


Well... Lioness can't cook... :-0

I was waiting to watch a live human (occupation: cook) to be eaten by a lioness.
There was a lioness close to the water tank and she came to drink (dry season).
The cooks went in groups to the water tank and made a lot of noise so she wouldn't get near.
I was with my camera on stand-by just in case things will get wrong...


Are you saying you were waiting to watch a live human being cook to be eaten by a lioness??


Wow! Be careful! Don't get eaten!


A good photographer always makes a bad count. This is the litmus test for all successful photographers? hahaha...

Enjoy yr Trip!


Amazing trip, and some nice images, just hope you took enough cooks with!


I agree with Littlemac, take good care or you may become the next lion snack! Great photos, thanks for sharing!


Fabulous photos you are getting during your travels! Take care on the rest of yourjourneys!



Best be careful or you will be dinner! Great shots of a adventure of a lifetime.

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