Eco Image Use! EARTH DAY!

Today the 22nd of April is the 40th Earth Day!

On this occasion I'm happy to introduce to you my recent use of an image on an ECO machine!

This Machine is simply a dehumidifier that uses the air humidity as a source of clean water! Not to mention that the machine is super economic in energy use as a cooler and has an automatic detector for humidity levels for it to start working or to be in standby ie: No fear of dry atmosphere!

Clean free water, safe level of humidity for the machines & workers and economic!

To make this machine perfect nothing than a DT image that symbolize Natural look & purity! Check The Second Image...

Final word! If we get more aware of earth problems we could have a brighter future! I do believe in that! Let's start with saving a drop of water... CHEERS! ;)

Photo credits: Iakov Kalinin.

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Happy Birthday Paologozzi! It's good to have such an occasion associated with your birth date! :)


it was my birthday too...


Thanks you for the nice comments! I'm happy that the world have a lot of nice & responsible people like you!


way cool.I love it...Thanks for sharing,you picked some great photos


The machine wears a wonderful suite with this picture: congratulations!


Thanks Enrique, Ingrid & Jitka :)


Splendid blog! I like it so much! The image is wonderful and it looks so great to see it on the product. And I absolutaly love the phrase - Let´s start with saving a drop of water! I agree!


I like it!


It looks great.... Good idea


Thanks everybody for the great comment! :)


The image looks great on the machine!!!


Wonderful pictures, colors, mood etc. They are showing how beautiful our world is and how rich nature gifted us. We must appreciate this and take care of it. The photographer eye is bringing out clearly this theme.


Final word! If we get more aware of earth problems we could have a brighter future! I do believe in that! Let's start with saving a drop of water great thought, yeah we should all contribute,


I like the photo you chose Maen!


I do my best! We have a great recycling business here, it makes a good bit of money for our area. Cool machine, Maen!


Cool image! I love your funny illustrations too! :)


Hi, Maen. I have followed the link and it looks fantastic. Great! Well done.


Very cool! I love the wine cellar mural too. Maen what is your day job?


There are so many things we can do to start saving the planet and eco system. Reuse, reduce and recycle. Respect for wildlife, insects, flora and fauna, and many more. We are all here for a reason.


Thanks Guys ;)


Wow! This looks great Maen! Another use I would never have thought of :)


The image is wonderful:)I wish we have a brighter future with clean air :)
Wish you a great Earth Day!


Good one Mani. I think with this natural disaster of the volcanic fallout in Iceland, people who abuse the natural order of our Earth are slowly faced with the reality how helpless they are if something goes wrong with the atmosphere. If we learn from this simple eruption and all the trouble it caused humanity and big business, hopefully it can open the eyes of those who think nothing about the bigger threat of the ozone or the eventual shortage of water. More and more watershed and feeding ponds are drying up, and we know that many songbirds and waterfowl have perished because they cannot migrate with stopping at these places to feed. If human beings ignore this severity, soon we too will be searching for water when all our lakes are slowly being polluted. Scary, isn't it?
Maybe I won't live long enough to see it, but I fear our grandchildren might end up paying for our past generation's stupidity.


Thanks Luis! I'm fine! Trying to keep my computer on with these thunder strikes of tonight! I had energy cut twice this night! :(


Hi, how are you?! Cool photo! :)

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