Economic crisis

Several sectors of economic activity have been affected worldwide, a lots of cuts in

jobs and spending.

I wonder till what level,that is affecting photographic production .

Specifically microstock contributors , artists (namely), Dreamstime contributors .

And f some of you have changed ways and “methods” of shooting ; for example someone who used to take pictures outdoors changing to studio work a way to make a better profit ( saving costs ) .

How do you think is the present financial climate having a impact in stock photography, in positive or negative side… would like to hear some feed-back.


Photo credits: Uwe Friedrich.

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November 25, 2010



November 24, 2010


If it's crisis we should work a little bit more

November 23, 2010


Agree, keeping yourself busy "is always" good in "every way"...increases self motivation ,I think..

November 22, 2010


The most important is not to get panicked with the crises & keep the head working! Many positive ideas come out of difficult times!

November 22, 2010


I think I like that Chinese proverb... and the attitude associated with it.

November 22, 2010


There's a chinese proverb that says “A crisis is an opportunity riding the dangerous wind”.

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