From ecstasy to agony and then to harmony

Although photography is just a hobby for me, there have been many moments in which I took it too seriously. For example, when I posted some of my photos and got criticism. Although I really enjoyed what I had gained, the criticism of certain rules of composition, lighting, processing, etc. were affecting me too much and finally I did not enjoy my own composition. I took criticism much too personal and I was getting stuck, giving up photography, at least for a while. I really realized this process only when I started doing the same thing, criticizing the photos of others. Obviously, we got to argue a lot and finally the question remained: Why so much hate?

Man with hand to ear gesture and evil voices screaming blaming him

Slowly, I started to unravel this habit. I stopped searching for validation from anyone if, for me, personal photos were extraordinary. I started to thank everyone for taking their time to look at what I did and even to write a few words about it, whether they were praise or criticism. I began to filter what was being transmitted to me and to take only what I consider useful. Thereby, I've been more open to experiencing, not taking too much into account rules or some criticism I could draw. And the results were great for me at least.

Then I applied this pattern to my other hobbies: mountain hikes, cycling, drums, climbing etc. and the results were also extraordinary. In this way I was able to bring more harmony in my life and in everything I choose to do.

After all, photography, mountain hikes, cycling, drums, climbing etc. are just hobbies for me and hobbies should be done with pleasure, it should be enjoyable. And now, I really enjoy my hobbies and my life.

Photographer taking photos in Himalayas

Photo credits: Dmitry Rukhlenko, Kiosea39.

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March 27, 2018


Thank you for reading it and for your thoughts

March 26, 2018


great blog. thanks for sharing.

March 22, 2018


Looks like you were able to improve your habbies, but more important, your prespective of life and happiness. Excelent advice!

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