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Hey Dreamstimers........

Anyone out there interested in off the beaten track locations? Then do I have a spot for you! Most of you have heard of Bikini Atoll - where the USA detonated numerous atomic weapons at the end of WWII. And I am here to report that the island of Bikini is still uninhabitable due to the radioactive dust that permeates the island.

Anyway, we're talking about the Marshall Islands which is mid-pacific & on the equator halfway between Hawaii & Australia. Majuro is the capitol of the Marshalls & that's the first stop from Honolulu. The trip is relatively inexpensive because United flies a circle route of mostly govt. contractors from Honolulu to Majuro to Bikini to Kwajalein & finally back to Guam.

Majuro Lagoon is home to huge fishing fleet container boats as well as ancient mariner sailboats. The diving here is very easy & the photo ops are everywhere .............. perhaps worth a consideration?

Photo credits: Conchasdiver.

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