Editing advice needed!

How many of us worry constantly not of our composition, subject matter, or ideas. but rather, we worry about "did I apply too much color saturation? Not enough saturation? or the dreaded "Image over filtered" rejection? poor lighting set up, etc... Does anyone out there have any tips for us novice types on a proper way to remove blemishes, logos, unwanted elements in a photo, etc that will not get us rejected? I mainly us "auto" buttons to hopefully fall within the contrast and levels criteria for acceptance, are there any other ways? I see several images that have been "photoshop enriched" and still get uploaded with wierd color replacement, images with pure plastic looking skin on models, etc...I am really hoping to increase my workflow and of course increase my acceptance rate. I think many of us newbies would benefit greatly from some basic tips and guides from our DT Legends and superstars! Please let me hear from you! Thanks in advance to all who respond.


Photo credits: Stan Shillingburg.

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Irisangel and creativei, your being modest, you are both Superstars.


No super star either, as Aughty said they are all busy. You can spend some time on Photoshop, try to zoom the image even at 200 percent as at times you don't see small logos on the dress. Read lots of blog from this site and there are some tips on the forum section, with great resource to outside articles. just go through them. Hopefully those blogs and message board should help you out.


No superstar here either and I do mostly illustrations, but I do have one rule that I never break. Never alter the original picture, always work on a copy and never upload it until the next day when you have a chance to look at it again at 100% with fresh eyes. Good luck Stan.


There is no special course on how not to get rejected, there is human error in play there, no offense DT. But to address the editing situation ... you have to zoom in 100% and if it does not look good it is not. You have to practice ... practice makes perfect. If you are uncomfortable with your editing job after you have inspected the image you can change the settings to less saturation, color or contrast. Some people use none of these items and summit images unedited. There is no right or wrong way to judge how an image should look .. it's all subjected to our own interpretation of how we want it to look. Do we want it to look polished like most buyers want their images to look or do we want our own style, whatever that maybe. It's all judgmental. A little bit of this and that does not hurt. I hope this gets you thinking. Hang in there you will get there. Not a super star but they are too busy to blog most of the time and I am willing to help whenever I can.

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