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In DT there are many very professional COMMERCIAL image photographers, their works great. But I can not do, first I do not have professional equipment and the environment, as well as professional models. Second, I am more interested in the film EDITORIAL class, and more feeling. But EDITORIAL category

film downloads is small. This is a contradiction. But I do.

Photo credits: Jianbinglee.

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July 01, 2011


Amazing photos!!!

June 30, 2011


editorial is easy for me than RF too...easy to passed and record my lifes so fun.

June 21, 2011


Thanks you for comment of friends!

June 05, 2011


I think a picture (commercial or editorial) is great if it capture a moment of real life. This is not usually possible with a model and this is why your editorial images are very beautiful! Anyway such type of beatiful images are not always suitable to be sold, Probably because it is included in something too personal of the author and therefore they can not be used in a more general way.

June 01, 2011


I like editorial images and i have some of them in my portfolio, however i am not sure how safe they are from law suites, any ideas??

June 01, 2011


Your images are great, and they do get the look of real editorial images, perhaps the other pro images look much better but with them you don't get the feeling that they are from real moments.

May 31, 2011


hao picture.hehe

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