editorial - every picture tells a story

every picture tells a story.

some of you may remember this rod stewart best seller of the same title. rod knew eveything about selling . he was so successful that he had himself at least 5 marriages, and all to gorgeous women old enough to be his mother rofl.

yep. lucky man, and very busy man, that rod the mod was ! lol.

jokes aside, selling is the name of the game too, here in micro stock business. to quote yet another famous story, "Gia" the tragic movie story of a model which starred Angelina Jolie . In one part, Gia said memorably, "fashion is not fun. it's a business. someone has to pay for it".

How true. someone has to pay for the things we create.

and on top of it, i just cannot help to notice that editorial makes up

only a small part of stock photography.

it 's odd, isn't it? when you consider that news plays such a grand part in our daily lives.

in fact, some of my friends are surprised i don't make as many editorial images as i should. this is true too, considering that when i first graduated from New York Institute of Photography

in the late 80's, my first work as a freelance was as a photo correspondent doing editorials and photo essay.

i guess i must have moved on to other things. but i always enjoy editorials because it entails so many different things in life...

and most of all, human interest.

editorial is just that... it's about us.

it's also about our own experience.

like you see here. my lust for life which is being an intrepid wanderlust visiting foreign lands and experience first hand their history, culture and people.

people in the business need pictures to complete their written words.

editorial is not just about pretty women and fancy cars.

although, i don't mind that too... because i love pretty women and fancy cars alot. i dream about them every night, rofl.

no, seriously, editorial images are vital because it's all about telling the story even before the written words are read.

many times, the picture is what decides whether or not the reader would bother to read the written words or pass it on.

so, isn't it no wonder my best seller is in fact, an editorial image.

the one you see here... the boy in the "bicycle race for the heart"

And here they are, to begin the second month of this new decade and new year, a new set of editorial images that the astute editor of Dreamstime has just approved .

Photo credits: , Tan510jomast.

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February 07, 2010


Right you are!! Your PF has grown tremendously, congrats and keep going :))

January 31, 2010


I think there are a lot of contributors here that make loads of money from their editorial images, they can sell well if relevant and up to date. I have made some good sales from my editorial images but should also submit more.

January 31, 2010


hey , good to see you both

January 31, 2010


Mani, there no much money in it. well but you can enjoy and have fun.

January 31, 2010


I would love if one day I can take shots for the news in the first hand! It would be fun, a challenge & much money! I also dream much like you do :)))

January 30, 2010


Yeah I agree with you and the importance of Editorial images. I love to shoot such images, when you look back every image has a story.Your PF has lots of variety now, keep going you have great potential.

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