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Is editorial microstock the next step ?

For some time I have this strange feeling that microstock editorial images are the next big thing that is about to happen in the field. I often shoot editorial images while being hired by a tabloid or magazine here in Germany, and of course they get those images and I don't publish them here . However sometimes it happens that doing my work I am at a venue that is of international interest so I tend to snap some pictures for the Dreamstime editorial section . Now looking at the details it comes out that in my top 5 downloaded images I have 3

© Dacky
© Dacky
© Dacky

that are editorial with total downloads of 68 downloads ,

my most downloaded image is editorial as well - 38 downloads -

© Dacky

Looking at views (which by the way I consider a very valuable indicator of what potential buyers are interested in ) in the top 10 images the top 8 are editorial images with a total of 2545 views . In the top 20 viewed images I have a total of 12 Editorial images and 8 with RF license . The RF ones have 891 views VS 2973 views for the Editorial images .

So number crunching those statistics it looks like having editorial images in your portfolio cannot hurt but only help in attracting more attention to it ... maybe a lot more attention than you've ever expected . So grab your cameras, go to the next big event in your town and snap some of the interesting things that are being presented , the companies that are present etc .

Photo credits: Alexander Nikolov.

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August 10, 2011


Is editorial microstock the next step? Maybe yes!!!??? So it´s a good idea to have some editorial pics in the portfolio! Thank you!

August 10, 2011


Good idea!!!

August 09, 2011


Thanks for sharing this interesting info. In my case the images with more sales are RF.

August 09, 2011


Nice idea!

August 09, 2011


Good idea. Thanks.

August 09, 2011


Good idea

August 09, 2011


I have some editorial shots in my portfolio, but they tend to be of people and therefore don't sell probably nearly as well as a branded item. However, they do get lots of views. Perhaps I should add some brand logos to my editorial portfolio. I do think that there is a market for these--however, because of the limitations of use for editorial images, it's possible that a logo-less RF image that approximates a logo would sell better. Food for thought, eh? Best wishes for continued sales on your images!

August 09, 2011


I guess 90% of my portfolio is Editorial shots. I still see microstock and my adventure on DT as an hobby, and it's great going around with my camera in my spare time and taking shots of everything...maybe one day I will develop in-studio photography skills and will be able to produce more commercial images, but for now I enjoy more the free photography...
Are we sure on DT there are more RF than Editorial images, by the way?

August 09, 2011


Editorial images are very important of course, but what's more important is how important the subject is. I have some editorial photos in my top selling list too and only the ones I took in Tunis of a protest sell good. You may as well draw a good selling line with strong editorial images of interesting and popular events, I believe. Google for instance :)

August 09, 2011


That's awesome. Yes, there is a market for editorials, depending on the subject. I love editorials. They get reviewed much faster. Chances are if someone is looking for a particular image, even during weekends, there will be downloads. Good advice, always bring along the camera - even a small conpact camera will do. :)

August 09, 2011


same here, most viewed image is editorial too in my portfolio

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