Finally, my editorial photo submission was approved.My first attempt was refused.

After some research, I found out I need to write in the description box;

1. The name of the place where its was taken

2. Date when the photo was taken

3. Description of the event, photo etc.

Not too difficult, isn't it?

Photo credits: Akulamatiau.

Your article must be written in English



Akulamatiau, thanks! Of course, my worry is that I publish something as commercial and the artist will chase me - because commercial images can be altered etc. and you are not allowed to photograph contemporary art in museums, but if it is in the square then it becomes public domain, how much does it change thing? I wonder if it matters if the artist is still alive or if the statue is the main subject of the photograph. Like if it is a famous and old statue (for instance Nelson in Trafalgar Square) then it is OK to sell it as commercial. I am sure these things can be important. Thanks again for your time! Fantastic portfolio by the way! :-) Ewapix


Picstudio: Thanks for your comment!


FabioConceta: Thanks! Appreciate your comment.


Akbarallana: Hey thanks. Your pics are great too!


Ewapix: Newsworthy pics definitely for Editorial. But of course there are grey area where one pic can be considered suitable as commercial Rf or not. Try to browse the Editorial pics submitted by other photographers to get and idea whats for editorial and vice versa.

As for me, I submitted pics for editorial section if 1. I cant get the releases (models or properties). 2. If there are copyright/ trademark logos. That includes pics that are not specifically for news (riots, demonstration etc)
[imgl]ID: 9886143[/imgl] sample editorial pic of a statue.

But I also have a photo of a statue approved for commercial RF

Hope this helps.

Anyone want to discuss this further? :)


great pics, congratulations!


Thanks for sharing and nice images Akulamatiau!


Wow, great pics! Many congratulations!


Hello, thank you for the blog and since it is on editorial images can I ask a question? Can anybody please tell me if editorial photos have to be newsworthy (festival, fire, riot, demonstration etc) and/or images with a crowd (market squares, piazzas full of people etc) or could they be for instance something that we are not sure about copyright? Such as a close up of a contemporary statue in the middle of a city, done by an artis who is still alive. Or a building that belongs to an organisation such as a city council office or a church. Will they be editorial (if properly described) or commercial? Many thanks, Ewapix


Nice photos!!! Good luck with sales.


Francy874: Thanks!


Mariaam: Tq for reading.


Nice images, congrats for your first editorials!!!


Good to know! Thank you!


Egomezta: No problem.


Thanks for sharing, editorial images need more info.

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