Editorial Photography

Currently Dreamstime is moving into an additional field, namely the world of Editorial Photography. This category contains News photographers, as well as Paparazzi and Sports photographers.

The big question is to many, what do we need to bring if we want to be an Edotorial photographer? Well, below is a link that will lead you to a video of an interview with a successful Paparazzi photographer that will tell you at least what's in his bag, and most importantly , why. There will be a few surprises.

What should your camara bag contain?

I hope you enjoy this blog, and if you have any additional info or insights, please add them in your comments.

Photo credits: Melissa Schalke.

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February 21, 2008


I love the editorial section! I'm a motorsport photographer, and this way I'll have the possibility to sell also many other images.
A good idea would be for example to give advice to the magazines that they'll find your photos on that day at this agency about a certain event.
This opens a totally new market for sport photography that will bring finally to the success of the best photographers, and will expand a market now solely for the ones with the "right friendships".

February 20, 2008


very interesting video...thanks for the link

February 20, 2008


Good article. Good picture.

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