Editorial sale

So woow, I've never tought that one of my few editorial photos could sell...and suddenly it just happened. :)

The short story of this event (from http://www.budapestbamako.org/en/?lang=en ):

The Budapest-Bamako is the biggest charity rally in Africa. In 2009 they delivered close to 700,000 Euros worth of aid. Several teams gave their cars as ambulances to villages, One car donated their van to the Institute For The Blind as a school bus.

The start in Budapest is a major event with thousands lining the streets of the Hungarian capital. The route take them through Austria, Italy, France and Spain along the coast. Teams drive on paved and offroad sections through Morocco, Mauritania and Mali before reaching Bamako. No one has to go home for not being able to complete a stage. There are shortcuts and detours along the way so everyone can make it Bamako.

My story with those photos is much shorter, I picked my cam and went to start-happening in January of Budapest to see huge cars. :) Now I'm sorry that I didn't upload more photos from its, it was really - hmmm, noisy, overcrowded....oh no; great, funny and spiritually morning, when those trucks left the square and started their journey to Africa through Southern Europe.

Photo credits: Aginger.

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It had to be great fun to be there. Congratulations on your editorial sales!


That's fun! Congratulations.


Congratulations great photos


Thank you! And with it, I'm on the main page...a new woooow for today, thank you too :D
Creativei, thanks for the tip, I'll review my photos about it in the weekend :)


That's Dreamstime full of surprises! Congratulations :)


Congratulations on your editorial sale.


I like all of your pics.


Congrats on you editorial sales. You never know which of our photos the buyer likes, its really a mystery.

I guess you can still upload the rest of the images, try one, if ok upload rest.

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