Editorial V Royalty Free

Editorial V Royalty Free

My editorial images are bringing a good share of downloads with a lot less effort on my part. I don't have to get a model release or go through and remove all of the logo's or other possible copyrighted items from the images.

I struggle with the thought of loosing potential downloads by not having RF, so I have started working on keeping a balance between the two. After a game, I'll go through and upload the top 4 images from the game. (4 seems to be the magic number, otherwise I get rejections for to many of the same subject) Then I will follow that up with a search through the images with model releases.

I am beginning to get more model releases by explaining the difference between editorial and RF to the parents. The biggest concern I have heard was having pictures of their kids online. Once I point out their kids My Space or Facebook accounts and explain how I can sub mitt editorial without a MR but have to include location, team and names of individuals in the photo while with the RF the MR is kept on file and no information is shared they seem to be more willing.

If their is still concern, I do not post editorial images with their kids as I don't want to create friction, and maintain my and Dreamstime reputations. Understanding goes a long ways...

I also require them to take a look at Dreamstime so they can see the format the images are displayed in.

Photo credits: James Boardman.

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