Editorial Week

Well after resigning from my old company, first thing I did was to enroll myself in the Dubai Press Club, still awaiting for the approval from them, which I hope will be approved, Insha Allah.

Now I know what is it to be independent, another few days left in my old company. This past week due to my independence I was able to attend three events.

Covered Pakistan versus New Zealand T20 cricket match, uploaded one and got approved.

Attended Dubai Airshow which was in its 11th edition, first time ever got an opportunity to visit. Got some very good pics, three uploaded and all three approved.

Just came back covering Dubai World Championship, The World’s Ultimate Golf Prize. Just editing some images, was not allowed to shoot during the golf match, later got some closeup shots of Fernandez-Castaño. Editing now to upload.

Hopefully will be covering Dubai International Film Festival in December.

Now this is what I call independence which you don't get when working for some company.

All in all had wonderful week attending these events.

Here are the four image out of four which was submitted yesterday, got a quickest priority review from admin. Only problem is I can submit just 3 a day as my acceptance ration is below 50. Will be uploading many of these editorial images and these images are exclusive in DT.

Photo credits: Creativei.

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Nice flight!I like the third images.
Great shots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Now exciting photo-events are awaiting for you. :)) Great adventure. Good luck!


@Tan510jomast Yeah, this site really rocks, all my editorial images are exclusive in DT, I don't submit anywhere else. you should start submitting to editorial images, yeah i agree they are more meaningful. Well sales wise, not that great, but atleast due to these images you can get freelance work. I use this site to showcase my work for photo journalism.


@Warren, thanks for your comment, yeah I was cricket player and still play in weekends.
@Kaththea, yeah you are right, being your own boss is great. Even you should consider this option down the line
@ratmandude, sure next time if I have any requirement surely will consider your images.
@Frantab thanks,


that's why I love DT so much...
because they have an Editorial section.
i know that many performances are IP protected, such as the snowbirds
of Canada, our very own air force exhibition pilots.
but now with Editorials on DT i can still continue using the experience i had as a photojounalist for over 10 years after i graduated from New York Institute of Photography in the late 80's to work freelance in our country's capital region.
i learned a lot about shooting and writing for news, and as a stock photographer, it is not useful , until i found out that Dreamstime
accepts editorial work too.

HURRAH, i prefer editorials because the images have more meaning..
or maybe it's because i come from a commercial and photo correspondent background, it is in my blood to shoot that way.,
which is not always expected in micro stock.

this will change, now that i can concentrate on Editorials too.


great images, well done :)


Indeed being freelance is in my opinion way better! Best wishes into the future …

And Yes it is most frustrating that you are not allowed to just take images at Golf tournaments …
All the better that I am on the official accreditation for the Nedbank Million Dollar that is to held in South Africa [Sun City] in two weeks time … So if you like pls look into my portfolio for some of those images as soon as I have started to get them up …

And yes the 3 a day is also very grindingly slow, as I am also victim to that ratio, so I do hope that it doesn't make it too slow to get the images up …

If you are keen on seeing some of the images from last years tournament, I do have some up in my porti … perhaps they prove useful for the same that you were wanting to get captures for? — And no, I'm not trying to advertise myself via this thread, just keen to share with someone that may be in the same frame of mind as myself …


Nice shots! I think working for yourself is just greater fun than working for somebody else. Somehow, you manage to make and to see more things and can plan everything by yourself. And I think it's just great! Good luck in your new journey!


Hi Altaf, nice images and I am sure you had loads of fun taking them, I know how much you love cricket so am sure you enjoyed this freedom the most...Good luck with the images and with getting accepted to the Press Club.


Thank you all for the comment on this blog.


Everybody is going out on their own lately....Good luck! Great shots!


Awesome images, I look forward to your next ones! Happy to hear you're enjoying yourself.

Best wishes with the Dubai Press Club application.


Great images! Good luck your next ones :0)


Great show and great images! It's good to be independent.


Nice shots indeed! Good Luck in your new life Altaf... Take Care ;)


Great shot, good luck with your new found freedom and your approval rating will go up fast with these kind of images. I wish you much success!

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