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Editorials for assignment

Hi everybody! I suggest (propose) to all editors, admins and contributors, all dreamstimers as one month in the year (only one) to be dedicated editorials images in section assignments! I mean to be accepted and editorial images! I assure you that many will be glad to be able to use editorial images in assignments! Just one month please! Thank you! Best regards!

Photo credits: Lenutaidi.

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March 30, 2014


Spot on! Lenuta. xxx

March 26, 2014


I agree too! Good idea!

March 25, 2014


Agree with you :)

March 20, 2014


Fully agree!!!
My friend is seling on the other websites and he told me, that most of his sales are editorial pics with people "in action" and with recognisable logos - shots of common day :-) pics from street and so on.

March 16, 2014


Thank you, Wxh6763! Let's see if admins would agree that at least one month of this year to attend and editorial images on assignments! Let's see.....remaine only nine months of this year :)

March 16, 2014


I agree with you very much !You are right !

March 15, 2014


I had some nice images (editorial) for the current assignment too. But looks like I will end up removing the people (main subjects) from the photo. :/

March 08, 2014


Great point - I too have licensed many editorial images and often find I have editorial images that are appropriate for assignments.

March 08, 2014


+1 very good idea!

March 08, 2014


I and many other contributors we totally agree with you, Mirco! Thank you for your opinion here! We look forward here to a reply here from admin or editor....

March 08, 2014


During my time on Microstock i noticed very clear a increasing amount of editorial sales. It looks that there are many clients out there that are looking especially images with people doing real things or with logos. My sale of today for example was a editorial images of a BP tankstation. The clients choosed a editorial tank station image above the many commercial ones that are on Dreamstime. Every editorial sale has a special reason. Editorial clients are as important as commercial ones. I also would think that editorial assigment would make sense.


March 06, 2014


I fully agree with you!

March 04, 2014


Great idea !!

March 04, 2014


Thank you! I have written to support, too. Now we can only to wait...

March 03, 2014


Great idea - full support from me!

March 03, 2014


Thank you all of you for support!! Let's see what they say admins! Let's see in which month this year they will fulfill our desire....
Best regards, Lenuta!

March 03, 2014


Yes, good idea, great occassion for my trainee in photography too ;)

March 03, 2014


Good idea thank you !

March 03, 2014


Good idea.thanks for sharing and hope DT listen your proposal.

March 03, 2014


Good idea :)

March 03, 2014


hope you send this very interesting idea to support too :)

March 02, 2014


i'm agree with your proposal Lenutaidi, good idea. great blog, thanks for sharing.

March 02, 2014


It is good idea!

March 02, 2014


I think it's a very good ideia,Lenu!

March 02, 2014


Thank you all for your time and you've expressed the opinion here! @Tomatika: Admins read blogs, I think....I'm sure at least one admin has read so far this proposal. Of course ultimately write them. I chose to write this first on blog because admins can see that there are many contributors who want it. Hopefully by next month I will get an answer....

March 01, 2014


good idea! I want to participate

March 01, 2014


Love your idea, especially you don't need a model release for editorials and there are so many interesting events all aver the world, like the Rio de Janeiro Carnival with their colorful samba costumes (event which accentually takes place this week) or the New York Marathon (you should see the athlete's faces right before the finish line). Why don't you send your suggestion directly to the admins? Good Luck!!!!

March 01, 2014


I think DT can definitely try it once to check the response and outcome :)
Even my best selling one is also editorial and it's already a level 5

March 01, 2014


Waiting for an admin's response!

March 01, 2014


Good idea!

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