Editors choice

I am totally suprised seeing my picture on the login screen!

It turns out it is the first image in line in editors choice!

To be honest with you, I have totally no clue what this actually means but anyway I have to say its cool to see your image on the frontpage of DT!


Dennis Rademaker

Photo credits: Rademakerfotografie.

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I just remembered a blog posted a while back by Petar about EC. That migh be of interest to you!
Editors' Choice


Thank you all for your comments!

Now I understand what EC is :)
Hopefully the image will start selling ;)

I wish you all the best!


Dennis Rademaker


It means your image visualy excited and delighted the editor that reviewed the image. Congrats, nice image and website.




great picture and congratulation! :)


Very nice shot, congrats on the EC pick, Dennis!


Very prestigious to get and EC and a lot more exposure so hopefully a lot more sales.




It's a great photo indeed! Congratulations!


Congratulations! Editor's choice means it caught the attention of the editors with the concept & the quality! This image will stay in the best recommended images on DT (Editor's Choice) & till it reaches level 2 it will be listed in the undiscovered images... Enjoy this prestige & good luck ;)


very nice photo, i noticed it when it just got into editor choice.
What it means is that this pic (and your portfolio) will get much more views and hopefully sales!
When i first started i got one of my pics in on the splashpage somwhere, not edit choice~and to date the photo has over 1k (1012)views and sold ebough times to become a level 2 (9dld)and now its one dld shy of lvl3.
So enjoy

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