Effective Image Manipulation

This image may or may not exist in reality.

The left and right windows are, respectively, the left and right mirror reflections of the centre window.

It is a very simply manipulation, but only so as it is digital.

It allows me a more effective presentation of the original picture. And if the original have been less than 3MP, now you have three times as many pixels.

A designer still have the single window if he needs to, but it looks better in a row of three almost identical windows.



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September 15, 2008


That is a simple but very cool! Thanks for sharing!

December 19, 2007


Thanks for sharing. It´s really great!

November 19, 2007


Fotogeek, its very simple here. Most image editing software would have rotate and reflect tools. Here you make a copy of the window, do a right reflection, then for another copy, do a left reflection,. Then you create a new image and paste all three copies side by side in the correct order. And that is the basic idea.

November 19, 2007


Really nice work! Great idea :)

November 18, 2007


That is so cool! What to share with us how to do it?

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