Eid Mubarak

Assalam Aliqum all my friends and DT contributors, Its been just announced that sighting of moon is confirmed so we all are in festive mood, Its EID, And wish you all Eid Mubarak, time to enjoy and spend with friends and family. All my family is back home in India and they will all be celebrating Eid on Monday, here in Dubai its on Sunday, I have very few relatives and cousins in Dubai, so its DT and its contributors who are my friends and relatives.

I wanted to write a big blog about Eid and the celebrations, but I was busy shopping and getting ready for Eid.

Anyways before I sign off, Wish you all Eid Mubarak. BTW when is Eid in your part of the world.??????

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© Zash

© Zash

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Photo credits: Creativei, Hiba04, Khalil Abusharekh, Maen Zayyad, Neochidesign, Zash.

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@Tan510jomast, it better late than never, really this one of the best Eid wishes of my life, I have many non muslim friends, but this wish is so special. Thanks, wish everyone, think like you and make this world a wonderful place to live


being non muslim, i was not aware of this beautiful custom of ramadan or eid felicitation until i went to tour Tunisia in 2005.
since then, i have been cherishing this holy month, and truly learn the benefit of this practise. it's something we can learn from other cultures.
i cannot say enough of how much i love this practise of ramadan and the other eid where you share food with the poor dividing into 3.
yes, i just learned of this from my neighbourhood Halal Meat store where i started to buy hallal lamb since coming home from Tunisia.
other people look at me funny when i say i eat like a muslim,
but the muslims don't think so.
Essalam Alaykum, and a late Eid Mubarak to all muslim contributors and all non muslims who celebrate it as a moral support to my brothers and sisters in this global community. may we all live to prosper, live well, and lve as one... inshallah !!!
sorry, i missed ramadan this year. i was waiting for october, ha!ha!..
shukran !!!


Eid Mubarak my friend, lets hope this Eid bring happiness and love to all the humanity.


Eid Feter Mubarak ;)


Happy Eid for you too ;)
I envy you living the atmosphere of the Eid that I really miss!
Thanks for using my image...
BTW I think the right thing is when the crescent is seen in any Islamic country, it counts for all! Unfortunately we have to live those differences now adays :/


for me monday. in india

eid mubark to you also.
great blog and great illustrations. keep it up
wa alaikum assalam

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