Eight sales on a single day

Two days ago, someone bought 8 of my images in one day, all from the same "Holy land series" images.

These images have been posted on DT for couple of years now, selling here and there, while I slowly increase the number of images that belong to this series.

Never before have I sold so many in one day.

What can you take from my experience (beyond me tapping on my own shoulder.... :-) ) :

1) Follow your heart - You will probably shoot better images if you like what you document and have emotional connection to the subject matter.

2) Look for Niches - even in a 30 million image bank site, there is a place for special images that cater for someone's special taste.

3) I always search for images that cover the area I documented then I can see if it's worth uploading new images.

4) Since I shoot scenes - I plan in advance and trying to take my camera with me when there is interesting weather or I go to a rarely visited place.

That's all for today, Wishing you all Merry christmass from Sunny Israel.


Santa sent me a message stating that I will receive 100% if you buy my images today, Help me prove my Children that Santa is real...

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January 10, 2016


Wow! Awesome landscapes!

December 28, 2015


Congratulations on your Christmas sales from Santa!!!
Very great images too!!!

December 28, 2015


Many congrats - great images!

December 25, 2015


Hope, Santa justified your hopes, since mine - not. )))

December 25, 2015


Congratulation!!Very beautiful pictures!

December 25, 2015


Wow Congratulation!!!!
Merry Christmas and Happy new year

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