The Elephant and The Donkey - Dreamstime

Most of you are probably aware of the iconic images used for America's predominant political parties.

The Republican Elephant


The Democratic Donkey

Using these two mascots together can turn any topic into a political discussion.

What you may not be aware of - I wasn't at first -

is that these icons are trademarked.

Images using them must always be considered Editorial in nature.

The nice thing about political images is that

you aren't limited to election years for relevant usage.

There is alway some issue or disagreement

brewing where both parties can be counted on

to resort to their usual mudslinging.

The news of the day, of course, is the face off over Obamacare -

or The Affordable Care Act as it's also known.

In true bi-partisan fashion

Congress has shut down the government

instead of working out the very issues they were elected to fix

Up next is the debate over the debt ceiling

Which is promising to be even more contentious

The two things we can be sure of

in this country are

death and taxes ......

oh, and the chance to elect new members of congress every two years.

In the mean time

I guess it's back to business as usual in our Nations Capitol

Photo credits: , Karen Foley.

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October 18, 2013


Very creative Karen!!!

October 18, 2013


Thanks guys!

Looks like crisis averted in true DC style, kicking the can down the road.
   Congressional Spending   

Oh well, we can count on continued budget, debt and deficit talk

At least through the holidays!

October 05, 2013


Oh! Very cute!

October 04, 2013


Great stuff! No tea bags?

October 04, 2013


Ha ha...
Super concept...
I like it...

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