Elk Island National Park, April 7, 2008

Considering that the winter is going away gradually and we didn't have any chance seeing the animals in the snow, my friend and I went to Elk Island on a Monday afternoon. Elk Island National Park is said to be the smallest national park in Canada and is located east to the city of Edmonton with about 30 minutes of driving.

Our luck was not bad at all. Several minutes after we entered the gate of the park,

© Lclie
we found a group of more than 20 bisons. They were eating grass nearby the roadside. Fortunately there are fences separating the open jungle and where the bisons stayed. Therefore we could walk as close as we can to shoot the animals with our cameras. The animals were very alarm.
© Lclie
They stopped eating and stared at us as early as we took the first step towards them. After a while, they started to eat again. And finally, they walked away gradually and went to the other side of hills.
© Lclie

During the following trip, we saw another two groups of bisons at the roadside. we also saw four deer, tens of ducks, heard the sounds made by the beavers,

© Lclie
an elk and an animal looks like fox. Although in April already, all the lakes in the park were still frozen and covered by ice
© Lclie
. Most of the hiking trails were also filled with snow. But the aspens sprout and forms beautifully pattern under the sunshine of the sunset.
© Lclie

Photo credits: Chunli Li.

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June 03, 2008



April 22, 2008


looks like a pretty place of the world! you got some nice shots!

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