Ellen Boughn offering inexpensive mini-consults

More than anything in my long career in stock photography, I have most enjoyed interactions with photographers and their work. Now that I've finished my book about microstock photography, I've decided to offer microstock photographers a relatively inexpensive consulting service (a mini-consult) for $39.00 to satisfy that need and to generate some scratch.

So far since I started this program a few weeks ago, I've reviewed portfolios. Helped photographers isolate and concentrate on their strong points. Isolated market areas that a person was uniquely skilled to exploit. Discussed future changes that I see. Speculated on possible revenue streams against changes in the business. Offered advice on book publishing, all among other issues and advice.

Please visit www.ellenboughn.com/ask-ellen to learn more.

And if the mini-consult doesn't interest you, please check on my blog now and then as I write about the stock photo business every week.


Photo credits: Rene Drouyer.

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April 20, 2010


Fabulous idea!

April 19, 2010


That's great Ellen!

April 19, 2010


Thanks for sharing your knowledge... You are full of experiences.

April 19, 2010


Hello! Must be great to read a book full of experience! Nice blog you have there!
Cheers :)

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