Elvis has left the building

Don't ask me why, but I decided to do a search for Elvis on Dreamstime. And the results had me shaking baby! I was a all shook up. So for this blog I thought I would give you a little less conversation a little more action please. Action in the terms of some of the great images here.

Seems no matter how badly you do an impersonation or a representation, everyone knows Elvis. It's like the King is always on my mind.

If he only knew 30 odd years after his death he was the cause of many a really bad karaoke impersonation. People everywhere, bringing it back. Do you know who I am? Now, don't be cruel. A few drinks at the karaoke bar and people are on the edge of reality.

So to celebrate the decades of really bad impersonations, I have written this blog full of really bad puns.

Thank you very much.

Photo credits: Adambooth, Leloft1911, Onemannbrand, Oscar1319.

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