Emotions and colors, how are they connected?

The most challenging aspects of photography is to convey an emotion through pictures. so here is my simple way to make Emotional pictures to understand how emotions and colors connected each other.

As a photographer it's important to understand the colors and their connected emotion.So here are my favorite colors that speaks true emotions and make an impactful photos.

Woman Flying Red Dress, Fashion Model in Evening Gown Levitating

Intense Red

Red is very emotionally intense color. it is often associated with strength, power, danger, passion and love. it can increase a person's heart rate and make them excited. red is the best color if you want to draw an attention to the subject of the photo.

Playful stylish girl in orange overalls standing on car roof in the parking lot

Creative orange

To the human eye orange is a very hot color but it is not an aggressive color as red. it creates attention without overwhelming. it is mostly associated with creativity, enthusiasm, fascination, success and encouragement.

Cute baby after bath in yellow duck towel

pleasant yellow

Yellow represents joy, happiness, freshness, clarity, optimism, pleasant and energy. it always creates warm effect to the photos. it gives pleasant and cheerful emotions.

Group of people planting

Natural green

Personally my favorite color is green. Green is the color of nature. it conveys growth, harmony, freshness and fertility. if u want to take a picture that conveys nature and earth feeling's, green is the best choice. it is the most restful color for human eye.

Angel Baby with Wings Crawling on Sky, Kid Girl Cupid, Newborn

Pure white

As shown in the above picture white always have a positive emotion. it represents purity, goodness, innocence, peace and light.

Black and white portrait of crying woman.

Mysterious black

Black is a mysterious color that is typically associated with fear, elegance, formality, death, evil and mystery. it is ideal for portraits, the shadows and highlights make the textures of peoples skin emotionally strong.

Thus i conclude to the point that the colors are connected to emotions.

I hope this blog helpful to you...

Photo credits: Albin K B, Famveldman, Inara Prusakova, Simba3003, Vvs219.

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November 04, 2018


Thanks so much Pravin Chakravarty and William

November 02, 2018


Interesting article, thanks

November 02, 2018


Interesting and thought provoking reading. Thanks so much! William

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