The emotions of foals

Ever since I was born I've been around horses. At this moment my sister owns 6 grown up horses and 2 foals. 2 colts to be precise. I never saw their births happen (they were born at my sister's place) but I was always there when they were a few hours. And I can say that even though horses seem crazy, big animals who at times you cannot trust, you will find yourself enjoying their manners and eventually their company. They are very much like humans, they can make faces, they can feel pain. I love spending hours in the grasslands just looking at their actions and photograph them whenever I can. Unlike humans they don't prejudice you.

© Kivrin

Horses are not only to ride, you can also learn them some nice tricks. More and more horses are being used for daily stuff. Therapy for example: people who have been in pain, youngsters who have been in a lot of troubled get often send to horses. And it actually helps.

And perhaps they are not the most wanted subject but they still have something to think about. So therefor I've added some pictures to let you see what I mean.

They kiss and cherish eachother.

They feel threatened when there is danger.

They feel sleepy on a hot day.

They make faces or laugh at something.

Photo credits: Jessica Glonek, Andrey Armyagov, Anatolij Kivrins, Lesliejmorris, Renate Micallef.

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December 17, 2007


I especially like the closeup of the mother and colt. As you continually photograph the animals, try to capture the moments when they seem to be expressing and displaying emotion and intelligence. Because horses are known for speed and grace, also try to get some running images. Good job.

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