Is this the end of the DOF, sharpness rejection ?

According to this vidéo, it look like that Adobe found the solution to correct the blur picture. It will outdate all IS/VR expensive lens.

Impressive demonstration.

Photo credits: Digikhmer.

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Spend a few seconds to get it right in camera or spend hours fixing on a computer. Give me get it right in the camera any day. But, if you had one opportunity and didn't get that one in a million shot perfectly, well, nice to know it can be fixed, but yes, always better to work correctly with the camera.


Don't think so. Guess things will only change when PS runs on my microwave or on my fridge :D


Not sure it'll be like that,but if it was that good it'd be a shame because people would start taking even less attention to what they do in camera.
Anyway it'd be an help,but it could add lots of noises and a pic will be refused for that reason too.


Another tool is Topaz Infocus PS plugin, maybe I give it a try.


I think that it will be not a magic tools to sharpen all picture but I can reduce the "unjustified none even sharpness" rejection. It is one of the tools to complete the stock photographer to deliver the picture that the market requests.


Great invention.


I'm sure it will do a grand job at cleaning up drunk facebook shots but doubt it would but back anywhere near enough data to be considered decent enough for stock.


Seems like it would add a lot of noise considering it would have to be adding information to the image.

Has anyone tried Focus Magic successfully with a stock submission?

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