End of World or Advanced Humans?

I dunno why I am writing a blog that sounds so silly after this topic is being blurted over the media again and again. 'End of the World', Pollution, Health Hazards, etc. Its getting so frequent, common and bugging these days.

I remember that some years back we would be sure of what season would be in what months. Now the climate is rapping on us so badly that it can be summer, rains or winter anytime in the year. The new problem in Asian of brown clouds is causing lung infections at an alarming rate. Forget about people like me who have cold all year long due to low immunity, but strong people who rarely fell ill are getting fever and cold so frequently.

For sure nature is hitting us back now. But I still wonder the prophecy of the prophets who claim about the end of the world. If some of you might be aware even the Mayan calendar ends in 2012 or according to the Hindu scriptures, its the last era (Kalyug) on planet earth which talks about water taking over all land surface and starting a new life again. Whatever the case, we are talking about the end of the world, but is it really end of the world?

I dont feel that. Its end of something. In the world of parallel universes, string theories and still strong-going religious scriptures the end is not pointing at the end of the home we live in. Its not the end of nature that we take for granted. It might be the end of advanced species that act against the normal rule of nature and destroy the existence of so called primitive living beings on the planet.

Considering the fact of parallel universes this might be happening everyday in this huge universe on some planet. There might be a solar system getting destroyed and the birth of new one as well. The cosmic energy talks a lot about things that go beyond science or religions. We still question the existence or the reason for why we all are here. Though religion might answer somethings of how we should behave, logically speaking they still seem like manipulated books over the huge span of time, basically made to keep people in control. Maybe to make ourselves more organised and keeping hope in us alive with the existence of God.

Whether its god or just some energy that exists in all matter living or dead, it exists. If we concentrate on it, it makes changes happen. It can create miracles and it can create disasters. The power of thought that we may or may not speak does create an energy pattern or frequency that creates an effect on the whole system we live in. Not necessarily that effect will affect someone else's system. We all live in world that is made for us, but is connected like the internet. We work on different operating systems of different versions based on the evolvement of our souls. We think and work based on the applications installed in these system based on the work we did in this life or past life (if existing).

Till we believe that a change can happen only because of us, nothing will change. Till we don't believe that we dont need anyone else to help us, we wont be able to help those who feel helpless. Fortunately the new US president seems to be less of a terrorist and more like a president... He says 'Yes We Can!' . If he says that, he will make a change. And all those who say that will. But that change is again an individual definition. The structure smallest known particle in timeline will always be the same as the biggest known structure in the universe. Yesterdays imaginations become todays science.

I think today we have gone beyond the human evolution. We are much more capable in controlling our own and others lives. We need to understand it. My ID - TheFinalMiracle , actually was a title given to me by the people whom I healed or counseled in last 10 years. I eventually used this ID on the internet never knowing the confusions it would create. But I believe that I could counsel people, heal them or make changes in their life because they believed. I want everyone to believe, not in me but more in themselves. TheFinalMiracle in the which is not related to a mere photographer ID will always strive for that.

For the same I finally registered a domain after many years of requests from people. My site TheFinalMiracle will focus on an effort to help people believe that we are not humans anymore. We are something better, and we need to correct or DEBUG the mistakes that the humans made, for the future world. The site will eventually list many healers and counselors offering their services for free. A user in need can question the person of their choice for a certain problem. I am in the design phase of the site, hoping to launch it in working condition on the New Years Eve.

What do you all think about the idea? Would anyone with counseling and healing experience like to join?? There are no fees for that. Its a free site for counselors to display their profile. Visitors who want to question will always get their first reading free. Counselors/Healers who want to get paid for their services can ask for fees from the 2nd round of healing or counseling. For myself, I will be always doing it for free. I have never charged fees but took an offering whatever desired by the one healed or counseled. It can be a chocolate, cookies, anything with love :)

Photo credits: Nikhil Gangavane.

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