End of a year

Here we're at the end of this year,I'm still pretty new on Dreamstime,so couldn't give you great advices about how tis world works,even thinking some of my pictures are still refuses for not being "Stock oriented" and I don't really understand the reason;so I thought to upload some of the on Flickr (yurisantin)...anyway not here for this.

I was saying that the year is finished and a new one is coming,with lots of hopes and dreams...so wish you all the best for an awesome New Year,lots of pictures to come,lots of uploads to do and lots of sales (at the end what we're looking for here)...oh,another thing...on my profile I said that I'm here to learn some too and I did some: thanking for the great advices I learnt from many of you,just one more thought...it'd be even better if we could talk more open with the other photographers (meaning to talk each other),maybe it's just me but sometimes I'd ask people how they do something and I'm not able to contact them...ok,ok...stopping and wish again an amazing New Year,best wishes!


P.S: pay attention!

Photo credits: , R. Gino Santa Maria / Shutterfree, Llc.

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January 09, 2010


Found you, and I've just added you as a friend :)

January 03, 2010


yes,I'm there too...if you look for Yuri Santin

January 02, 2010


Happy New Year! You could ask how to do something in the message boards then you might get lots of answers from different people :)
Are you on facebook? There's a lot of people from here on there.

January 01, 2010


happy new year :)

December 31, 2009


Happy New year!

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