Enhancing 3d renderings with 2d graphic editors

I like to create my models,but also like to watch what other's can do with their skills and creativity.I saw other people renderings look's much lively,with more contrasts.Until now I represented raw 3d renderings with maybe some playing with levels in gimp and that's it.I saw on the internet some articles,how to enhance your 3d renderings.It is amazing when you use those few tips,how your 3d renderings get more vivid colors,more details.You can also create an extra forms and details with brushes.With fuzzy tool I marked highlights and slightly with white soft brush enhanced my highlights.Awesome toll for that is also dodge toll with soft brush.Front lights were dull after rendering,so I made some extra highlights and reflections with brushes too.And for the final touch I played with layer filters,levels to create nice contrasts between highlights and shadows.The conclusion is If you can create awesome images only with your 3d rendering plugins,that's OK.But remember you can always try to enhance your images with 2d graphic editors or to fix some rendering or 3d modeling errors too.It is the aim to create great images,so go ahead use your both skills or learn them to enhance your images.I know there are a lot's of people who use 2d graphic editors to enhance their renderings.This article is for the people like me who didn't use this skills so far.Enjoy my work,and I hope so this article will be useful for people who want make their 3d renderings look better.

Photo credits: Nikola Novak.

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July 03, 2011


Good, but lights, shadows and reflections can enhanced with Vray plugin.
Chaos Group - Bulgaria: www.chaosgroup.com/en/2/about.html

March 28, 2011


Wow well done

March 27, 2011


You make wonderful 3D images!

March 27, 2011


Thanks for sharing... Your image looks great.

March 27, 2011


That`s a wonderful 3d! Thanks for sharing it!

March 27, 2011


nice share

March 27, 2011


That car looks more like a vector illustration than a 3d render. Wish I had these skills in vector drawing hha.

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