After Eurovision Song contest, music is on the top of topics everywhere. So I couldn

One song is, however, in my heart as deep as I am always touched by it when I listen to the song. The song is older, but I can be never tired of it, I think the song influence music world because after it, many mystical songs has appeared and even become very popular. It is "Return to Innocence" by Enigma.

If you don

Return to Innocence

I think it is "timeless song" and anybody (and anytime) will listen to it, will like it. And what about you? Have you a song that enter in your heart as much as Return To Innocence in mine? In any case, I wish you a lot of wonderful moments with music of any genre!

Photo credits: Starblue.

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Hi, Jitka
Nice images! Very creative picture!!!
It makes me feel like in a beautiful dream.


If you want to set it and forget it, I like to go to website link below. I particularly enjoy song 3 - Named Origen "Tender Passion". But what's nice is that you can select which genre you want and it will play up to 10 songs in a row, while you walk away and do something else.

Beautiful high quality music.

Free Background Music Link

Okay, I admit that I don't listen to this kind of music all the time, but it works for mood lifting background music. Enjoy :-)



I love anything produced by the Hitman - David Foster, especially this one by Michael Buble'

Michael Buble' - Feeling Good

or check out this link for a 'not live' version.
Michael Buble' - Feeling Good (not live)

Enjoy :-)


sorry the song is : I hope you dance by Lee Ann Womack
thanks Debbie


Great post .Here is mine. I dedicate it to my 39 yr old daughter. She has lupus. Only thing it makes me cry ever time I here it.
God bless you all


Hey, you won't believe it but that's my fav song, too! And the other one is Anya - Only time. I can't live without music and I can't live without those old and always remembered songs!


great images as usual. I love Hotel California, that's the one song I never get bored. And Enigma is my oher fav.


Have you listened to psy-trance ? Not the heavy end but I am sure you would like the mystical and magical side of Psy-Trance. I don't know if I am allowed to post my myspace link in here so I will do it and if its wrong I will get told off I expect. myspace.com/matt6t6 Its a bit heavy but there are some good links on my page and there has just been 2 great Psy-trance albums out you can get them on Amazon. I love it when spending hours editing lol


Wow. Enigma is great. But right now my favorite is FAIRYTALE :) of course. :) My favorites change all the time. And often I have several favorites, what are so favorite, that I have real troubles to give a preference to one over another. But maybe one special song, what touches my heart every time I hear it, is Céline Dion's Goodbye. Or any other Céline's song. She's a wonderful singer, with a great voice and a great soul.


Very beautiful new images and wonderful song. Thanks for the link. One of my favorite songs is by Jewel, "A Life Uncommon" It an old one, but it too is timeless. Good luck, as always.

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