enjoy summer but watch the heat

some ways to keep your summer problem free:

if you are doing exerting sports like roller skating

stay hydrated ,

take a breather

find a shady place to relax and cool down

be careful,

if working such as heavy work

or if you have some nasal concerns like allergy ashtma

drink lots of fluid , preferably water instead of pop, alcohol,etc. and be aware of the environment , or stay indoors where there is air-conditioning.

watch what you eat , as heat can spoil food very quickly

... so bring lots of toilet paper if you're one of those people

who get sick from food .

enjoy your summer

go swimming

if you have lots of money, you can of course, fly to a cooler destination

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July 25, 2011


Nice Blog, are you not active in FB?????

July 24, 2011


How much for a ticket to a place where the Penguins live? That would be cool!

July 24, 2011


You forgot to say get up early to exercise..that's what I do ;)

July 23, 2011


Nice bloag and very good images!!!

July 22, 2011


Very wise and good advice, Matthew. We all need to heed that. As I
write these words to you the temperature in Manhattan is edging
towards 100 degrees Farenheit. You just KNOW that I am not leaving
the a/c comfort of my apartment - hahaha. Have a great weekend and
stay cool if possible. I assume it is also très chaud en Montréal.

July 21, 2011


Funny blog, you are great Matthew!!!

July 21, 2011


A very nice and also funny blog article! Thank you. :)))

July 21, 2011


Very cute - you made me smile ;-)

July 21, 2011


Is that ice cream in that glass? If so, I want some! I opt for that last option, somewhere cooler - would love to visit New Zealand in their winter landscape now. No, I don't have lots of money though. :0

July 20, 2011


Great blog!! Nice photos!

July 20, 2011


Nice blog, funny images, bye Tan!

July 20, 2011


Great, blog, great images.

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